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KC 4Q Alteryx User Group Meeting Recap

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I wrote this up and realized I forgot to post it.  Regardless, it was a great meeting, hoping to get something on the schedule for the first quarter very soon.


KC Alteryx User Group Meeting Recap

December 10, 2019 from 2:00 to 4:00PM




Meeting went very well today.  We held the meeting at the Waddell & Reed Headquarters in Mission, Kansas.  We had roughly 40 attendees across 17 firms, so very good attendance and diverse industry representation.   Started out with some basic information about the Alteryx community, Inspire, the Grand Prix and the agenda for the data.  Michael did the introductions and covered the slide deck in about 15 minutes. 


Next Ashley spent about 20 minutes talking about her experience in the Grand Prix event at the Nashville Inspire in June.  Ashley had casually entered the qualifier to see if she could get through and was surprised to find out she was a finalist.  Although she was very nervous about competing, it was a fun and worthwhile experience.  She encouraged the attendees to try out.


Last year, the call for racers was posted on February 5th, with a March 29 deadline to sign up.  Everyone had to compete in a 60-minute WebEx session (a “race”) remotely to qualify. 

Rules for last year:

  • Must be an Alteryx customer
  • Had to be registered for Inspire by mid-April
  • Must be a member of a user group
  • Must be registered for the Alteryx Community

After the recap, Ashley lead the group in a spirited round of Trivia on Kahoot, inspired by Cathy Bridges.  It was a close finished, but David just managed to eke out the victory over Kayla.  Swag was awarded to the top 3 finishers.


Finally, Melissa Knudsen from iModules presented a fantastic use case.  Melissa covered many organization and efficiency tips that her team has implemented in the past couple of years, with great success.  Loved the tip about dropping a tiny comment box in a container to force the sizing to play nice.  Melissa also illustrated how her firm utilizes standardized color coding for containers, named containers and inputs, wireless connectors and other methods to make trouble shooting across a team much easier.  Her workflows utilize specific color coding for inputs, prep, integration, validation, de-duplication, final calcs, output and a couple of others to standardize templates.  Her team has greatly enhanced their efficiency, as well as their ability to catch errors by utilizing these standardization methods.  The user group had several questions, so it was very interactive.  Many thanks to Melissa for this great learning opportunity!


Just prior to finishing up, Jessica had the great idea for the group to go around and give brief introductions about themselves, their firms and how they are using Alteryx.  Nice to be able to put faces to all the names and hear about everyone’s journey with Alteryx.  Many heads nodding in agreement with certain comments about Alteryx and the experience.  We closed with request for volunteers, questions and comments about the next meeting.  Ashley had the brilliant suggestion of exploring the Boulevard for another event.  Must say that I am a huge fan of that idea, so fingers crossed.  Ashley also mentioned that GlynnDevins is looking for data people, so anyone in the area and looking to join a great team should reach out. 


All in all, a successful meeting to close out 2019.  Thanks to everyone for coming out and participating.  Looking forward to next time!


Ashley and Michael




8 - Asteroid

Sorry I missed it. I'd like to attend the next one. Will notifications come out through this same channel via email?

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We will absolutely post the updates in the user group section.  As long as you are subscribed to the Group options, shown below, you will receive an email with the details:


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