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Stupid Things 2 Do with Self-Service Analytics 3 - Sticking to Waterfall

13 - Pulsar

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Sticking to Waterfall Methodologies in Analytics Projects

Many organizations adopt the waterfall methodology while they’re democratizing analytics and BI. That is usually a mistake. Waterfall development is one of the critical reasons why tasks take too long and fall short of providing value. Also, longer waterfall cycles carry the risk of transitioning into bad code and application design mistakes that remain undiscovered until the project’s end.




Agile methodology offers a more viable solution. Agile development methods include shorter, incremental cycles, which allow malfunctions to happen first so that mistakes can be identified and fixed more quickly.




Agile development methods can be an ideal fit for many business applications where continuous refinements are expected. They’re particularly handy where applications need to consider new requirements and new data. If your analytics’ projects are moving slowly, you should analyze whether the traditional waterfall approach is the cause. The next step is to consider whether agile might be the right fit for your goals to expand analytics and BI throughout your organization.