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Internal Certification

The Alteryx Internal Certification Exam(s) were developed to recognize the skills Alteryx associates develop throughout their journey here. Passing the exams are an essential part of progression & success in the roles at Alteryx.
Alteryx Fundamentals
1 Hour
35 Questions
Certification Exam Details
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Alteryx Fundamentals for Sellers
  • Audience: This exam is required for all sellers seeking eligibility for President's club. If you have already passed the Alteryx Core Certification you do not need to take this exam.
  • Description: Designer Fundamentals was developed with the intention of validating a basic technical working knowledge of Designer, Server, and familiarity with the top 10 most commonly used tools.
  • Price: Free
  • Skills Measured: The Alteryx Fundamentals exam tests your knowledge of the fundamental functionality of the top prep and blend tools used in Alteryx Designer and basic functionality of Alteryx Server. Tools Covered: Input Data, Text Input, Browse, Output, Filter, Formula, Select, Sort, Unique, Join, Union, Text to Columns, Summarize
  • Questions: 35 Questions
  • Question Type: Multiple-Choice
  • Exam Time: 1 hour
  • Prep Guide: Click here