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What's your favorite cheat sheet? (handy reference you use a lot)

8 - Asteroid

Regex makes my head hurt and I use this quite a bit:


What are some other good ones that you use? Hoping to expand my list of handy dandy tools....

17 - Castor

I keep the datetime functions help page bookmarked, comes in handy for all the various syntax %m/%d/%Y, etc.


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Ooh, great suggestions! I'm also familiar with the Regex headache. 🤕 And I'm a regular visitor to the string functions help page.


Somewhat shameless plug: I often refer to our Python Tool Cheat Sheet. For other R and Python guides, I appreciate Datacamp's nicely formatted cheat sheets.

13 - Pulsar

Same as @Luke_C, I have the link directly to the date specifiers front and center on my bookmark bar!

I also refer to How To: Use Alteryx.installPackages() in Python all of the time!