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What does "Analytics as an Equalizer" mean to you?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

AAE-small-forum.pngAs we prepare for the upcoming Analytics as an Equalizer panel at Inspire Europe 2019, I've been thinking a lot about what the phrase Analytics as an Equalizer actually means... And I expect that it probably means different things to different people.


Whether you attended the panel in Nashville, are planning to attend in London, or simply want to share your thoughts/opinions, we'd love to hear from you!


Perhaps a couple of previous panelists could help get the conversation going!? @estherb47@Arianna_Fuller



What does "Analytics as an Equalizer" mean to you?


NOTE: The Analytics as an Equalizer panel luncheon in London will be added to the Inspire Europe agenda in the near future. In the meantime, it's currently scheduled for Wed Oct 16 at 12pm.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @LeahK 


Great question.


To me, analytics as an equalizer means that through Alteryx, we have a platform for analytics that can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, nationality, etc.


Analytics is a field that doesn't naturally advantage one party over another. It favors those with mathematical minds, those with creative minds, those with scientific minds, who think linearly and those who think in a more rounding way. There's no one "best fit" for an analyst.


Analytics offers us a universe where we can all mutually support each other.

(stepping off the soap box)