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What do you miss most with an in-person Inspire Conference?

7 - Meteor

Meeting passionate Alteryx Designers in person!

12 - Quasar

Oh so many things! The networking and hands-on demos to name a few, but really just the ability to geek out with fellow Alteryx users that are passionate about data analytics. 

12 - Quasar

Ditto - I'm an extreme introvert, but I totally missed the opportunity to meet people from the community or strike up a random conversation with my seat neighbor in a session. I vividly remember happening to run into @BradWerner in Nashville in 2019 after we'd interacted in the Community and on Twitter!


I also missed being away at a conference. It's so much easier to focus on the material when you're there, full-time, rather than being at your office (or home office) and feeling like you need to multi-task.

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

I miss connecting and mingling in person with the community!

16 - Nebula

I miss randomly bumping into community users I know and us both doing the simultaneous pointing thing:




16 - Nebula

@kelly_gilbert ,


the next time we're at a real world Inspire I'm going to run up to you and point.