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Non-work related Alteryx uses

17 - Castor

Hi Everyone,


I'm curious to hear if you've used Alteryx outside of your usual day-job to take on a fun project or help something in your personal life. I used Alteryx to connect to an API for a video game I play to crunch some numbers on the best items to use. I'm sure some of you out there have some very creative workflows!

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

@mceleavey did you win?

Joe Lipski
17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Of course.

It turns out the board members really didn't want to be hassled repeatedly for a £700 monitor.


13 - Pulsar

I forgot - two more: 😄


  • Our internal user group does a weekly challenge together; usually we do the Alteryx-supplied ones, but sometimes the host for that week will create their own challenge. One week, @jwlong91 challenged us to create an app to recommend the best action based on your Yahtzee roll.

    He used simulation to develop an extensive probability table for each combination.

    I ignored the actual request and just built an app that lets you play Yahtzee (a chained app that dynamically modifies the next app's interface to display the next roll:


  • Another animated gif to map my virtual Alteryx User Group "travels" in 2020 (99% base Alteryx + Python tool to assemble the final gif):

15 - Aurora

Nothing quite as craft as @mceleavey's solution 😁

But i've used the wordcount and NLP tools for a few surveys i have given out in the past, they were fun to use!

I also built myself a chess opening suggestor based on the Kaggle chess dataset (https://www.kaggle.com/datasnaek/chess) as i wanted to surprise some people at my rank with unconventional openings. 


Also earlier this year i started plotting data about myself (steps in a day (understandably not that many nowadays 😁), hours slept, time slept, calories intook, weight etc) and I hope to add additional factors too. I'm interested in having a years data and seeing what conclusions I can make from it (even if it is just, I'm terribly unhealthy haha)!

13 - Pulsar

I'm sorry about the 100 posts, but I forgot one more!

There is a challenge to hike all of the trails in the Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area (a series of parks in the Atlanta, GA area), so I have a workflow that compares my AllTrails GPS recording to the NPS trail spatial data to see if I've completed a segment or not. 



I try not to do too much non-work stuff with company software/hardware (unless it's related to our internal user group). However, I haven't quite figured my way around the spatial libraries in Python, and Alteryx makes this type of spatial matching soooo easy.


@mceleavey I'd love to hear more specifics on what you did with your Spotify data!

@Joe_Lipski I'd love to hear more details on your gym and travel tracking... What types of metrics did you look at?
@TheOC, make sure to report back once you've collected your quantified self data and had a chance to work with it!

15 - Aurora

@kelly_gilbert For sure! I think its a blog post in the making.... although i may anonymise some terrible lockdown weight and sleep pattern 😁😁😁

9 - Comet

Thanks to @ShaanM's "Introduction to Working with APIs in Designer" session this week, I built my first API connection to my budget and transactions in YNAB.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Paul-Evans this is amazing, glad you found my session useful! There's no better joy than someone curious trying it out themselves and succeeding. Keep going!

Shaan Mistry
Co - Founder : datacurious.ai