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Inspire 2023 Mystery Craft-Along: "Stix & Alteryx"

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello everyone, 


You are all invited to participate in an upcoming activity at Inspire. More details below.


Not attending Inspire? You can join us virtually and still participate in the fun. 


You are invited to knit or crochet 5x5 granny squares based on your favorite Alteryx tool (or tools!) using the technique of your choice. The individual squares will be released as patterns in time for a virtual cast-on party on May 9th from 8:30am-9:30am EST, and finished squares can be brought in person to Inspire 2023 in Las Vegas, or mailed to 3355 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89109 [ATTN: Andreas Silva] to arrive in time for the conference. Squares will be assembled into a surprise final product at the conference . . . shhhh, we’re not telling what it is!


To join the Cast On Party follow the link in the replies!



Knit Picks Swish DK, <1 skein each MC/CC per square

MC: 24064 (White)

CC: See below by tool group

In/Out: 25578 (Marina)

Preparation: 24957 (Gulfstream)

Join: 24954 (Indigo Heather)

Parse: 24951 (Peapod)

Transform: 25579 (Allspice)

Action: 27225 (Black)

Reporting: 27224 (Clementine)

Spatial: 24307 (Forest Heather)

Machine Learning: 28639 (Arctic)

Text Mining: 28644 (Bluebird)

Developer: 24313  (Cobblestone Heather)

Data Investigation: 26062 (Wonderland Heather)

Join: 28634 (Pinecone Heather)

Time Series: 28638 (Rose Heather)

Address: 24949 (Marine Heather)

Demographic Analysis: 24063 (Hollyberry)

Calgary: 28635 (Karma Heather)



US 6 (4.0mm) / G (4.0mm) or similar to obtain gauge



22 st = 4” / 28 rows = 4”

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
8 - Asteroid

Find the project on Ravelry here! We can't wait to see everyone's squares!

10 - Fireball
Summarize and Linear Regression.jpg
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Note that this is listed on the Inspire map as Knitting Circle, in case there is any question as to the location! This will be on Floor 1, in the Casanova section of the Convention Center. FYI @dre_silva 

10 - Fireball


 The Summarize tool was one of the first I tried.  First I tried it on a size 6.  Had to go down to a size 4 to get the final size right.  We need 5x5 squares.


I settled on using color work.  I used floats which are visible on the back.

10 - Fireball


 The Linear Regression pattern felt like Fair Isle in places. 


And yes, my work flows have a lot of Linear Regression!  Very useful tool.


I used a dark brown. Almost black from my stash.  It was a tad thin.  As a result you can see the white being carried on the back side.

10 - Fireball


 My Arima tool looked great until I left it in water too long.  My orange bled.  I got distracted. So, don't soak them too long!

10 - Fireball


 Stash busting at its finest!


I use the Pearson Correlation all the time.  In my stash I had a fingering gray, and a fingering light blue.  Knitted them together.   It's a little lumpy.  The stitches don't lay as even as some of the others.  But I am happy!