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7 - Meteor

I've never posted a "random" discussion in the community before so @LeahK please shout at me if this is NOT how are supposed to use this space 😄


I remember in the previous Inspires there were those industry / function oriented meetups organised during lunch or breakfast? I've never been to any but was wondering if there will be any of that this year (all virtually obviously)?


I'd love to connect with people who are working in, or have experience with using Analytics and/or Machine Learning for the Pharma industry, or with sales and marketing operations during or outside of Inspire.


Look forward to Inspire!





Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hey @bingqian_gao ! We actually have a whole discussion board for Industry on Community! Hope you can find some interesting nuggets there. 


But you bring up an interesting idea about connecting with people this year. Anyone else interested in some sort of virtual get together?