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Ideas for watching Inspire together?

12 - Quasar

As many of us will be participating in Inspire from our individual homes this year, does anyone have ideas for creating a community feel with your coworkers? Kind of like a "watch with friends" option? One of the things I loved about in-person conferences was getting to sit with a coworker after a session to talk about what we'd just learned, or being able to look over at my neighbor and say "Wow!!" during one of the keynotes.


We have access to a variety of workplace communication tools... I was thinking of creating a Teams chat or slack thread for the keynotes, so we can live chat with each other while it's happening, and maybe do the same for some of the sessions, if we know several of us will watch the same one.

Any other ideas?

13 - Pulsar

Remo ( is really good because you have "tables" with seats for small groups or 1 on 1 and you can group broadcast as well 🙂 

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Love this @kelly_gilbert ! 


It would be awesome to see attendees chatting about sessions and things here in the Inspire Buzz.


I realize it's not the same thing... but just throwing it out there as an option. For example, as you watch the keynotes, there may be interesting topics that stand out or warrant further discussion. Why not bring those conversations here?  -- it would be AWESOME to have these conversations live on in the community 🤗