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Great 1st Day... Too bad no Networking Happy Hour... or is there?

8 - Asteroid

Now for the biggest hole in the event from having to go virtual... no networking happy hour!  Can't wait to be in person again for Inspire/Analyticon to see everyone in person!

14 - Magnetar

Totally agree - virtual happy hours are always tricky though. I'm seeing pictures coming out of Nashville now that it opened back up that are reminding me of Inspire from a few years ago!

11 - Bolide

Yes, I miss that aspect.  I have learned a lot at the conferences just by striking up conversations with random attendees and asking what they're using Alteryx for.


(Pro tip: Glance at their conference badge then look them in eye and say, "Hub119! What amazing things are you doing with Alteryx?")  

8 - Asteroid

Couldn't agree more.  It's amazing all the additional insights you often capture just from striking up random conversations with people attending the event.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@Hub119, no question there on missing the in-person happy hour - great moments. At this point, I assume we are all more than ready to meet and network. While we do not have a virtual happy hour session, we are loving to see you all networking here on Inspire Buzz and sharing your experiences and feedback. 😎

Flávia Brancato