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Engagement Badge Task - Your best session of the day?

Community Manager
Community Manager




The Virtual Inspire is about to begin and we can't wait for it! The weekly challenges are just the beginning, and we wanted to challenge you even more! Want to play and win new fun badges? Are you ready guys?







Share your feedback below about the best session of the day. Which guru revealed new inspirations? What product development thrilled you? What big news got you excited? What training took you to the next level in data analysis?


Long story, short, what thrilled you? Share your best & favorite session with our community on this thread. 





As you complete this fun task, our Community Managers will be granting you the related badge. Remember! At the end of day 4, if you complete all three tasks, you will get the Engaged User Badge as a reward for going all the way!




Simple as that.



Happy sharing! Check out the Engagement Badge Challenge Post here for the full rundown on activities!



Steph Jansen-Havreng

Looking forward to Hannah Fry Session! This will be great!

8 - Asteroid

Same for me. It was really refreshing. 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

So for Day 1, I would go with Dr., Hannah Fry's session being the best one!

11 - Bolide

Yeah DJ Patil is going to be difficult to beat.  He's more rockstar than! 🤣


Hannah Fry was excellent as always.

7 - Meteor

Dr Hannah Fry so far.  Loving the optimistic approach to how we can conquer the big issues.

Community Manager
Community Manager

I kind of agree with you guys @Shifty@OliverW@Buzz , @rropke@MarkJackson Hannah Fry and DJ Patil Sessions trully rocked 😎for Day1!  

Steph Jansen-Havreng

Scaling Alteryx to Transform Operations and Building a Data Culture.

Everybody talks about that data is the new oil but this presentation was all about powering an engine.

Any chance this session could be pumped up to a bigger case study on building data culture?


17 - Castor

DJ Patil for me.

Outstanding speaker as always, and probably the only one aside from Dr. Hannah Fry who didn't read from a script.


General feedback is the keynote session was cringey and awful. Please be more natural! Please don't look like bad actors being stage managed by a chimp on LSD.

Just be natural.


Some great sessions though, looking forward to tomorrow.



13 - Pulsar

l enjoyed Hannah Fry's the most from today I think - felt very natural and great content covered!

Great sessions all day however, the DJ really caught me offguard!


So sad to have missed Hannah Fry 😞 so many good comments.


Then My prefered one is the one where someone (I miss his name) was playing guitar. So fun.

Stéphane Portier
Sales Engineer