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50% Off - Were you INSPIREd to become an Expert?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Did Inspire motivate you to take your Alteryx skills to the next level? There's still time to decrypt the secret code that gives you 50% off the Expert exam! Check out the attachments below for instructions and starting data. Hurry! The code is only good until May 31st!


6 - Meteoroid

I'd like to use this code, but I don't think I can prepare properly for this if there's only 3 weeks. My June looks like it's going to be pretty busy so.. Is there any way to make this voucher valid for 6 months or at least say 3 months? or - I can register and use it now, but then have the opportunity to schedule it 3 to 6 months ahead into the future?

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Super clever way to give away the exam code - great idea!



Screenshot 2021-05-31 175926.png
8 - Asteroid

I know I am late, but I am sharing the logic. @ElizabethB Please let me know if still there is any opportunity to get any discount.


nice exercise !