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Inspire 2019 | Buzz

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Where are YOU traveling from? | Inspire 2019 Ice Breaker


1. Who you are (name, role, company - anything you'd like to share!)

Roel Esselink. I work for Shell and I manage the so called Lab environment in Shell where Alteryx is part of a set of tools we offer to our employees.

2. Where you're traveling from 

Netherlands where I like to Geocache a lot



3. What you're most excited for about Inspire London

The Grand Prix is the best nerd-out session I've been part of and I love it. I also liked the sessions last year where Alteryx power users shared their tips.


4. Fun memory from a previous Inspire (if you've attended before) OR a fun fact about yourself

I am a Game Master for a tabletop role playing group that has been going for 4 years now.

Director, Community Operations
Director, Community Operations



1. Jeff Stroud, Director of Community Operations, Alteryx

2. Broomfield, CO

3. Definitely Michio Kaku's guest keynote!

4. Nashville was my first. I loved the Grand Prix, and that Dean gave that great belt buckle as a prize.


Looking forward to seeing many of you there!



1. My name is Daryna, but it will be easier for you to pronounce Dasha I'm the happiest QA from Alteryx

2. I live and work in Kyiv, so will travel from Ukraine 

3. It's my second so big Alteryx event in Alteryx and the first Inspire. So I'm excited about everything! 

4. I'm 29 and I still believe in Unicorns