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Inspire 2019 | Buzz

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Welcome to the Inspire 2019 Buzz!


@davidhenington - Definitely. Let's catch up and spend some time talking about this. I am also meeting the Alteryx Director for Product Management - In DB. Happy to share any feedback/suggestions.




Great event!! Amazing Energy and Crowd!

Hey ya'll! What's the Swag Sitch?! I was so focused on learning I missed out on the cool gear I wanted! Any way we can backorder our desired items? Seems fair right? Thanks! 

Alteryx Certified Partner

I've been going to Inspire for three years now. I've never been more energized and amped than I have after this one. The presentations were so informative and make new connections while reinforcing existing ones was just super. Let's keep it going.


As far as swag goes, we need those backpacks back. Mine is on the fritz and I was hoping to get another one in Nashville, but no dice. Oh well, first world problems! :)

I'm just finally coming down off of my Alteryx Inspire buzz! That was the first one I've attended and the conference was **epic**! Now it's time to spread the knowledge and maybe even find an unsuspecting non-profit to win over to Alteryx amazingness :-D