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Nashville Inspire 2019 Recordings Missing

Alteryx Partner

Has anybody noticed the session recordings from the Nashville Inspire 2019 recap page have been taken down? I watched the recording from CBRE which was very interesting and was looking forward to seeing the others at some point but i've gone back to the page and they're missing. 


James - your message title has a typo (Vashville, not Nashville); might want to correct it so it shows up in search results for Nashville.


I didn't see the breakout session recordings, but the recording of the keynotes are here:

Alteryx Partner

Thanks Terry, can't seem to find the edit button!


I've managed to find the recordings, I was on the general page not the attendee page so they recordings were taken off! All good



Sr. Program Manager
Sr. Program Manager

@JamesEdwardsHK  for future reference, you can click on the 3 elipses on the top right of your post, and topic options, including edit, should be available for you there. 


Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 10.06.29 AM.png

Alteryx Partner

@TreyW , Thanks for the help. Am I being silly here - don't seem to see that option!




Hey @JamesEdwardsHK 


Apologies for the confusion!

There is an option to edit your posts, but this is limited to a 2 day window, so it wouldnt be visible for you at this point in time.
If you ever miss the window on edits, feel free to use the "Notify Moderator" option from that same dropdown. We can make the edits for you!



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