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Give us Your Best Tips and Tricks - Calling all Tip Meisters for Inspire 2019!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner



No warnings is a tip.  Avoid warnings that you're going to ignore.  When configuring a tool like the UNION, don't use the default configuration.




Try to keep your workflow free from warnings and pay attention to the messages after you run.  Also, if you use the Manual Config option, if you allow dynamic fields to flow into the union you will get error messages.  Just a warning :)





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Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

Right clicking is like a secret universe.


With one or more workflows open, right click on a workflow tab to see different options available.  I personally use 'Open Containing Folder' quite a bit.

workflow tab right click.jpg


Once your workflow has completed and has generated a file with the blue hyper-link, left click the link to immediately open the file.  Or right click to quickly open the folder the file was created in!

workflow results right click.jpg



Someone probably put this here already, but this helped me with a workflow issue recently:


If you have a workflow that seems to be taking a long time to complete, you can enable workflow performance profiling from Workflow Configuration -> Runtime -> Enable Performance Profiling.


Note: Workflow may take a little longer than normal to complete but the output will include some interesting data to help solve your issue.


Here you can see the time each step took and the percentage of total. In this workflow the primary driver is the initial data pull from Oracle.



I really like this one and I use it a lot.


I am forever accidentally typing over expressions I just wrote in Formulas, Filters, etc. so I always use the "crtl + z" keyboard shortcut! If you need to undo something within a single expression, use this shortcut to go back a couple steps.


In the below example, I accidentally typed c instead of doing "ctrl + c" to copy my selection. Dang it! Now not only have I not copied what I intended to, but I also wrote over it and lost that text. Never fear! I can easily hit "ctrl + z" to undo the c and get my text back in the expression. (1).gif



Tired of counting/guessing how many columns you need for the Text to Columns tool? Let Alteryx figure that out for you!!


By combining Record ID, Text to Columns, Tile and Cross Tab, you can have a more dynamic parsing experience.


Before parsing your data, drop in a Record ID tool to uniquely identify each row. We'll use this field in the Cross Tab tool to rebuild the original table.




Next, add your Text to Columns tool, and type in the delimiters. But, instead of splitting to columns, split to rows instead.




Now we need to build a field to represent which column each row of data should be in. Use the Tile tool, set to Unique Value, with the Record ID as the Unique field. The resulting Tile_SequenceNum field will number the rows within each Record ID, from 1 to n (n being the last one)



Finally, rebuild your table using the Cross Tab toolimage.png


If your first row contains headers, use a Dynamic Rename tool to pop that first row into the header row. Otherwise, use a Select tool and rename the columns.