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Alteryx 2019 ACEs Got Talent - An Interactive Showdown - RESULTS & SLIDES

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Well who knew that I'd enjoy being a gameshow host so much?!





Thank you to all attendees and participants, it was an extremely fun session!


Congrats to @Deanna for taking home the ACE of ACEs Crown and @CharlieS for storming the Interactive Quiz Leaderboard:

2019-06-12 15_07_40-20190612 - Alteryx Inspire AGT - Mentimeter.png


Attached is the content that was presented, the ACE votes, and the quiz questions, answers and final leaderboard!


If you want to attempt the quiz yourself you can do so at:


I'm not sure, I'll want to, but you can watch the session back here:




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @joe_lipski , @mbarone@Deanna , @BenMoss  & @jhollingsworth 

I think this was the more creative and entertaining session ever! So clever and dynamic way of teaching!

Congrats on the amazing job!


This should be a regular session to all Inspires!


Congrats again to all of you on putting this together

Community Manager
Community Manager

Thank you @joe_lipski for sharing session materials on the Inspire Buzz!


You and the other ACEs are setting a good example that I hope others session speakers will follow. A+ 😉

Leah Knowles
Manager, Global Community Engagement

Alteryx Partner

This session ranks as one of the "most memorable" for me from Inspire 2019 - AWESOME use of mentimeter that I will use in the future at user groups as well :)