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Five Reasons to Get Certified at Inspire

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If you’re wondering why you’d take a Certification Exam at Inspire, we have five good reasons:


1. It’s the cherry on top of your Inspire sundae. When you leave Inspire, you’ll go home with new ideas, problem-solving excitement, and game-changing insights. Top it off with a shiny new “Certified” status and you’ve just experienced the most fantastic Inspire sundae of your life! A new credential adds value to your experience and lets you prove your Designer knowledge and skills.


2. Inspire is the only place you can get Expert Certified. If you want to earn Expert status, Inspire is the time to do it! The Expert exam will only be offered at Inspire and Inspire Europe this year. This is the first time we’re offering the Expert exam, so those who pass will become our very first Certified Experts! If you’ve already passed the Advanced exam register now to ensure you get the chance to be part of our elite group of Experts in 2018.


3. Take advantage of the recency effect. After being steeped in all things Alteryx for 2 days (maybe even 3 if you attend a training on Monday), your brain will be on point to tackle any question about Designer. Thursday’s sessions set you up for exam success: take the Certification Exam Prep course in the morning and then take the exam in the afternoon. During the prep course we’ll review key concepts and give you test-taking tips that will be at the forefront of your mind when you take the exam in the afternoon.


4. We’ll make a big deal about it if you pass. When you pass your exam, you’ll be part of the first graduating class of Inspire Core, Advanced, or Expert Certified users. So naturally we’ll throw you a mini-party. You’ll get your printed certificate when you pass and the chance to take some awesome “graduation” photos! Passing at Inspire is more fun than passing alone and giving yourself a high-five.


5. And we’ll give you personalized feedback if you don’t. Even if you’re a few points shy of a pass, we’ll make it worth your time by giving you personalized feedback about your exam results before you leave. We’ll walk you through your results and let you know how you can quickly study up to conquer the questions you missed and pass on your next attempt!


Don’t miss out on your opportunity to experience the thrill of being Certified at Inspire!





13 - Pulsar

Thanks for the opportunity @ElizabethB :)   I attended the Advanced prep and thought I might need some more prep to pass the certification, but I tried anyway and passed :).   The badges and printed certificates were definitely a bonus !!

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20 - Arcturus
20 - Arcturus



What an excellent experience.  For those who didn't attend, the certification at Inspire included an added benefit of diplomas, pins and photos.  With much trepidation I attempted the Expert certification.  My results can quickly be summed up with this picture:




I learned much from the exam and left feeling quite accomplished.  I had answered correctly 2 questions and was on my way to completing the 3rd question when my time expired.  Jokingly, I failed but in reality I had accomplished much.  I overcame my fear of the test and took on challenges that were meant to be difficult.  With lots of coaxing, I got @BrianO and @JoeM to join me in this celebration (gone awry).


Kudos to all of those that attempted the certification!




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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for sharing @cmcclellan and @MarqueeCrew!  I am lucky to have been staffed at the certification celebration booth, all thanks to @ElizabethB! The whole certification experience was something I will never forget. It was truly the cherry on top of my inspire experience!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@cmcclellan Congrats on passing on your first attempt! You're part of small club that's been able to accomplish that. Thank you for attending the advanced prep session and sharing your feedback on the experience! 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@MarqueeCrew I'm so glad that you coaxed those two into doing this video! :) It was great to have you in the Expert exam session and I'm so glad you learned something AND had a great sense of humor about it!