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Inspire 2017 | Buzz

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This piece of art reflects on the state of my mind when I am dealing with complex data science problems using Alteryx: #atpeace #zenmodeon #goalteryxZen Alteryx Final 5 (2).gifThat Feeling when your workflow completes without errors and gives you the desired output file, That's my Zen!!


This little workflow brings me Zen by providing me with unparalleled efficiently to a process that is often cumbersome :).ScreenHunter_312 May. 11 08.15.jpg 


Just for fun...


Here's our KCCO visual aid that we share with our Gallery users to begin attempting to explain the Alteryx Gallery nomenclature and structure...


Alteryx Gallery Viz Aid.pngGallery ?

In light-hearted humor, this definitely helps to begin 'painting the picture' for our new Artisans and Curators.

(and yes, I'm aware that I misspelled nomenclature in the sub-title)




Taylor Cox

Developer / Analyst | Blue Cross NC

Creative Director
Creative Director

In case you missed it. We announced the winner on Friday, March 12. 


Thank you everyone who participated. You will be awarded the Zen and the Art of Workflow Maintenance badge and your artwork will be featured in the Community Hub at Inspire. Please come visit us!



Tara McCoy


My company is working on the same problem. Would you be able to share your workflow with me?