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Inspire Tips & Tricks: Calling out our users to share their favorite Alteryx tips & tricks

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My Top Tips:


1. Highlighting a set of tools and right-click gives the "Add to container" option in v11 a great and quick way to keep your workflows organised

2. Double click on container titles or text boxes to edit in view (V11)

3. Quick insert a macro - by having a macro open in designer you can, in another workflow tab, right-click and go to insert>macro and the open macro will be there as a 'quick select' - makes it a lot quicker to insert macros you have just created or edited.

4. Right-click on a tab(s) and choose "new vertical tab" to have a nice side-by-side view of different workflows enabling you to work on 2 workflows at once or compare and contrast workflows

5.Click on empty workspace and go to "Runtime" from the Config window and select "disable all tools that write output" when developing a workflow to prevent current files/tables being overwritten and improve workflow speed slightly (depending on output tool).

6. Ctrl+V will paste a tool in from somewhere else to your workflow, But Right-Click and Paste will paste the tool in to the exact place you click - a massive time-saver, especially if you have a big workflow

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And my biggest tip.....


Use the Alteryx Community, They're a fantastic group of people with a willingness to help and develop others!