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Inspire Tips & Tricks: Calling out our users to share their favorite Alteryx tips & tricks

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Dear users, thanks again to all of you who attended our 2016 Tips & Tricks sessions. Several of you shared your tips & tricks with me during the conference and I was able to present some of them during our T&T sessions and guess what? They were a HIT ! .... Thank you!


If you have a tip or trick you want to share with us, no tip or trick is too small or obvious, please share it with us by replying to this post. We will give you full credit if included on the Tips & Tricks booklet and inspire session. 


If you see a tip and trick you like, please star it. 


And as always, thank you for being the best users we could've possibly asked for.


Looking forward to seeing you at Inspire !!!

Margarita Wilshire
Sr. Manager, Customer Support Engineering
Women & Allies Committee

Alteryx, Inc.
8 - Asteroid

My Top Tips:


1. Highlighting a set of tools and right-click gives the "Add to container" option in v11 a great and quick way to keep your workflows organised

2. Double click on container titles or text boxes to edit in view (V11)

3. Quick insert a macro - by having a macro open in designer you can, in another workflow tab, right-click and go to insert>macro and the open macro will be there as a 'quick select' - makes it a lot quicker to insert macros you have just created or edited.

4. Right-click on a tab(s) and choose "new vertical tab" to have a nice side-by-side view of different workflows enabling you to work on 2 workflows at once or compare and contrast workflows

5.Click on empty workspace and go to "Runtime" from the Config window and select "disable all tools that write output" when developing a workflow to prevent current files/tables being overwritten and improve workflow speed slightly (depending on output tool).

6. Ctrl+V will paste a tool in from somewhere else to your workflow, But Right-Click and Paste will paste the tool in to the exact place you click - a massive time-saver, especially if you have a big workflow

8 - Asteroid

And my biggest tip.....


Use the Alteryx Community, They're a fantastic group of people with a willingness to help and develop others!