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Inspire 2015 | What was your favorite highlight?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)



While I am still fairly new to Alteryx, I did have the great opportunity to briefly experience Inspire 2015. I was immediately blown away by how vibrant and passionate the large Alteryx community already was, as well as the energy and inspiration that coursed through the conference floors. 


If unfortunately you missed it, get a taste for what Inspire 2015 was all about, and what it meant to our customers by watching these highlights above.


And if you were lucky enough to attend, I am curious to know: What was YOUR favorite highlight of Inspire 2015?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Inspire 2015 was a transformative event for me personally. I had recently joined the company to build community and the event was my first opportunity to meet our amazing customers in person. I was blown away by everyone's passion and knew that I had found a beautiful new home.


Here were my top 3 (in no particular order) favorite sessions:


  • Alteryx Designer 10.0 Unveil
  • Hilary Mason's keynote
  • Grand Prix


Can't wait to see everyone again in San Diego! :)

12 - Quasar

For me personally the highlight was finally got my first chance to speak at Inspire. I loved talking about my Data Hobbyist role and the comments I had afterwards were fantastic. Anyone thinking about speaking should leap at the chance if they feel they have a great story to tell.


Other highlights:


- The Grand Prix (not having the stress of competing was fantastic)


- Meeting old friends


- Making new ones




Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

My 2015 Inspire Highlights were

  1. The Grand Prix where I sat on stage and pushed buttons. Thank goodness I was hydrated!
  2. The Solutions Center where all the cool kids  go to hang out, learn a lot, and help solve problems.
  3. Running in Boston (with @wendychow@Nathalie@BenG@Ned)...the best way to see a city is to run a city.
Tara McCoy
15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Definitely, my very first Alteryx PIN !



13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

Meeting likeminded Alteryx enthusiasts


Hanging out with the amazing Alteryx team


The solution centre!!


@TaraM you should advertise the running club for San Diego - It's a popular morning event at the Tableau conference

Joe Lipski
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Yes! @Joe_Lipski, I do believe some planned runs are in the works! @RichardS is all over it. Fun Fun!!

Tara McCoy

My favorites were:

1. Hilary Mason

2. Seeing awesome fuzzy match accessory tools that @MarqueeCrew was building

3. Being Pit Crew for @jeremy_kane at the GrandPrix

Cailin Swingle
Customer Experience