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Feel the power of (the Force) Inspire on May 4th & Earn the Badge!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Tomorrow is May 4th, which is also known as #StarWarsDay ! Some of us here at Alteryx (and others, such as @MarqueeCrew - check out his avatar) wanted to take the opportunity to highlight one of the greatest movie series of all times in a few different ways:


Alteryx | Hangout: Feel the power of (the Force) Inspire 2016  - 8am Pacific

Although it is pure coincidence that our next Alteryx Hangout was scheduled on Star Wars Day, we thought we'd embrace our faith and put a force spin on our monthly online event. We hope you can join us!



maythefourth.pngEarn the May the Fourth 2016 Badge

As you may know by now, our favorite way to commemorate special events is to hand out shiny new badges. @TaraM created a very unique one just for this occasion, which you can earn in two different ways:


  1. Login to the community on May 4th and tune in to the Alteryx Hangout
  2. Let us know via comments below what your favorite movie/character/moment/memory is, and why.

Feel free to use text, haikus, memes, video, photos...whatever medium you prefer!


Join in the fun and share your love for Star Wars - fellow fans across the Alteryx Community will thank you for it!


May the Fourth Be With You,

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)


Tara McCoy
6 - Meteoroid

Nothing beats the moment when the Star Wars Main Title score kicks in, and the Episode prelude starts scrolling on the screen.  That's the moment you know you're in for a timeless adventure.  Thank you, John Williams!


I just visited the Star Wars Costume Exhibition in New York City last week. I had to share one of the coolest rooms in the exhibit. Stormtroopers on Stormtroopers on Stormtroopers...




*Bonus: Fun Star Wars fact - Darth Maul's costume has varying lengths of split tabs, allowing for a great deal of movement during his extensive, complex fight sequences. Its many shoulder to ankle length circular pieces were sunray-pleated, creating a narrow silhouette when motionless - but in combat swirling out into a fully curcular shape, like a fabric Shuriken (Ninja throwing blace) cutting through the air.




Sophia Fraticelli
Senior Solutions Architect
Alteryx, Inc.
9 - Comet
Not my FAVORITE moment per say but the moment that Han got stuck by his own son!?!!?? Man...#daddyissues #shocker
8 - Asteroid

How is Jabba the Hutt not mentioned yet?  Best scenese of all the movies, IMO.


Jabba the Hutt

15 - Aurora

Today is....


Revenge of the Sixth


6 - Meteoroid
Favourite moment. Any time a light saber is unleashed!