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Upcoming Webinar August 26, 2020 on Self-service Analytics

11 - Bolide

I am working with @andyde and presenting during a webinar on August 26th. While I work in the healthcare/health insurance industry, my use case is one that could be applied to any analytics shop in any industry that is struggling under the weight of the enormous volume of adhoc requests and is looking for a better way to manage them.


Delivering Value with Self-Service Membership and Claims Processing Analytics at Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina   WHAT YOU'LL LEARN

The operational analytics team at Blue Cross Blue Shield North Carolina (BCBS NC) was challenged with handling the data generated by all aspects of enrollment, customer service and claims processing for their 3.8 MM members which generates over 7 MM calls and a staggering 53 MM claims annually.

In this webinar, learn how the operational analytics team at BCBS NC deployed Alteryx to reduce ad-hoc requests by 80%, lower customer wait times from 17 business days to minutes, standardize claims relevant reporting and deliver a 360 degree view of the claims processing process, with measurable cost savings within 10 months.

In this webinar you will learn how:
  • BCBS NC deployed Alteryx Designers and Alteryx Server to empower their Operational Analytics team to handle and streamline a staggering volume of enrollment and claims processing data
  • The Operational Analytics team deployed automated self-service analytics process workflows with Alteryx to reduce ad-hoc requests by 80% and customer claims wait times from 17 business days to minutes, freeing up time for high value analytics
  • They leveraged Alteryx to automate the mass claims adjustments process, while securing measurable cost savings in process efficiencies

Click here for more information and to register.