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Re-energizing the Transportation Users Group

9 - Comet

Hello there in Alteryx land!


I'd like to ping the community to see if there is a desire to re-energize the Transportation Users Group.  With the pandemic hopefully behind us, and Inspire 2022 soon approaching in Denver, I would like to see if interest exists to get together and share across the industry.




6 - Meteoroid

I'm down.

10 - Fireball

Let's do this!!! I'm 100% in. Happy to host and moderate the next sessions!


If anyone is attending Inspire in Denver in 2 weeks please reach out, would love to connect!




9 - Comet

I will be attending and bringing along two others from Hawaiian Airlines.  Who else is planning to attend?

5 - Atom

I would love to participate in the user group. We got a lot of Alteryx interest from MRO Americas this week. It is clear aviation needs Alteryx users.


Tsunami Tsolutions will not be sending me or my team to Inspire this year. Next year for sure!

5 - Atom

Not so sure of attending Inspire 2022 though I attended the previous ones.

If there is something virtual you can count me in.

Check out agifors (dot_org)

Are you thinking of something like AGIFORS meets AYX? 

7 - Meteor

Yessss! Let's do it! Can't wait to reconnect with you all!


Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thanks for posting @NeilFisk!  (cc: @williamchan)


Great idea to leverage Inspire to network with peers in the transportation industry.


On a different note, outside of Inspire, I'd like to start gauging interest from former Transportation and other Industry User Group leaders and members on the desire to bring back Industry user groups in their previous form.  I took the liberty to seed introducing (or re-introducing for those who remember the old days) the transportation user group specifically as an idea in our Community Ideas section -- and ask folks to vote it up to indicate your interest: Transportation Industry User Group 


Please also add comments to share if you are willing to lead, speak, host, etc.


If you work in a different industry and are interested in other industry user groups, please create a new idea here, add the user group label, and share what you have in mind. 

5 - Atom

Great idea. Lots of applications.

Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

Thank you for starting this thread, @NeilFisk! I believe Inspire would be a great opportunity to get together and share your ideas and opportunities for the Transportation User Group. I hope to see you all at the User Group booth in the Community Hub.

For those who are interested in get involved, this discussion board and the Transportation Industry User Group idea will still be the best place to talk about it. 😉

Flávia Brancato