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Private Banking community

6 - Meteoroid

Good morning all,


Financial services is quite a large topic for the community. Would it be possible to create a specific tag called Private Banking (or Wealth Management) to group all discussions around this specific segment?


Private Banking is quite an industry in itself due to regulation and high profile of clients. In this industry, personalization and confidentiality have always been a criticical (if not unique) selling proposition. Dealing with data is at the same time critical (especially due to new business paradigm), highly sensitive, and awkward for many banking relationship managers who are in the driving seat via-à-vis clients.


For this reason, introducing analytics is a challenge, therefore we need "easy-to-use and fast-to-use" solutions. At the same time, due to confidentiality issues, on-premise solutions are better positioned than cloud-based solutions.


All in all, alteryx is great for this industry, but we need to come up with use cases and establish proof of concept and MVP.


For this reason, creating a community focused around the specific needs of this industry would be great.


What about creating a tag "Private Banking" or "Wealth Management" and join the discussion?


Kind regards



PS: last article by McKinsey https://www.mckinsey.com/industries/financial-services/our-insights/the-future-of-private-banking-in...