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Predicting Fares & Opportunities for Supply Chain

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Hi, Alteryx Transportation UG!


We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our Q1 User Group meeting!


Additional thanks to our talented speakers, Tara Charter from Alteryx and Mingda Xu & Sonte Burk from Big Lots. If you missed our meeting WebEx, check out the meeting recording.


He’s a glimpse at what we covered:



Tara Charter, Alteryx


Tara ran us through how she used Alteryx to analyze fares for a part-time Lyft driver. She dove into how she uses Alteryx’s predictive tools and her linear regression model.



Tara’s process to predict her next fare & workflow snapshot


She ran us through how she adjusted her dataset and model through several iterations. A large part of model building is ensuring that you have the best possible data for your model. Check out the recording for more


  • For those Alteryx geeks who love to experiment, Alteryx has a BETA program where you can apply to test out the latest features and provide feedback!
  • Recently, Alteryx started an analytics podcast called Alter.Everything. All episodes are available on Community and on SoundCloud.


Mingda Xu & Sonte Burk, Big Lots



Mingda & Sonte presented their use case on how they integrated Alteryx into Big Lots’ inbound & e-commerce business. They showed us how they moved toward a more proactive approach by replacing manual spreadsheet-driven processes with Alteryx:



Mingda & Sonte used Alteryx to move to a more proactive approach.


Check out the meeting recording to see their demo in Designer!


Their second use case centered around improving efficiency & lowering cost for parcel shipping. By ensuring that an accurate carton size is used for shipments, they can lower cost and improve their operational performance.




Mingda & Sonte’s workflow helps ensure efficient packaging.


You too can share your work at the Transportation UG!


The Transportation User Group is always looking for speakers who would like to share their use cases. If presenting interests, you, please email usergroups@alteryx.com or reach out to one of the group leaders!


A few Alteryx announcements:


  • Inspire will be taking place on June 10-14, 2019 in Nashville, TN. Join us for a Transportation UG meetup!
  • If you missed any meetings, you can catch all recordings right on the Alteryx Community Page – Meeting Round up. All Industry User Group meetings are recorded and are available for replay.



 -Isaac, @williamchan & John, your Transportation User Group leaders