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Manage Report Districution & Calculate Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

9 - Comet

Good Morning Alteryx Marketing UG Members!


We really appreciate and thank everyone who attended our Q3 Marketing User Group meeting on September 11.

Additional thanks to our talented speakers, @jarrod – Chief Analytics Officer at Kristalytics and @tessa – Data Analyst at Garmin International.





Jarrod Thuener, Kristalytics


Jarrod talked about how he created a way to effectively manage report distribution for a digital agency. It can get cumbersome to manage/schedule custom reports for each client and can lead to quality concerns between versions. To solve this, Jarrod created a repository of options, settings, accesses and used a single workflow to sync options locally. And then with a single workflow he was able to implement all options and delivery.






































































Following the use case, a few Alteryx announcements were made:


  • Inspire Europe will be taking place on Oct 14-17, 2019 in London. You can register at - www.alteryx.com/inspire-europe-2019.
  • Visit the Alteryx Community (community.alteryx.com) to learn, share and connect.
  • For Alteryx Trainings, Certifications & more visit - community.alteryx.com/training.
  • Submit your Weekly Challenge Ideas by emailing at academy@alteryx.com.
  • To learn about Local User Groups, visit - community.alteryx.com/usergroups.
  • You can also join the Industry User Groups on community to see Customer Use Cases and learn more about how to solve new challenges. For more details contact - cshernaman@alteryx.com.
  • If you missed any meetings, you can catch all recordings right on the Alteryx Community Page – Meeting Round up. All Industry User Group meetings are recorded and are available for replay.
  • For those Alteryx geeks who love to experiment, Alteryx has a BETA program where you can apply to test out the latest features and provide feedback!
  • Recently, Alteryx started an analytics podcast called Alter.Everything. All episodes are available on Community and on SoundCloud.


Tessa Hauck, Garmin International  


Our second presentation was about how to use Alteryx to calculate Average Revenue Per User (ARPU). And track this important KPI, region to region, by country and every single month, to monitor to the health of customers & overall business. Tessa also talked about how a simple Alteryx workflow can help the stakeholders understand the process easily and compare it to what they were doing before by using numerous excel files. And how this can lead you to easy wins.




















































Follow Up


The Marketing User Group is always looking for speakers who would like to share their use cases. If presenting interests, you, please email usergroups@alteryx.com.


Let us know the topics you'd be interested in and what you are looking forward to most from this user group.


Marketing Alteryx User Group Leaders

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @rag-ryx for posting the recap for the Marketing User Group meeting! This is great!

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager