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Join Us for an Insurance Webinar: Moving Beyond Spreadsheets for Insurance Analytics

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Webinar Image.PNG


Hi Everyone,

I am excited to share that @bretthart, @PhilipL and I will be hosting an upcoming webinar for our Insurance users:  Moving Beyond Spreadsheets for Insurance Analytics.  The webinar is scheduled at 11am EDT on Thursday, August 6th.


If you are losing time each week manually updating spreadsheets for analysis or getting stressed from data prep and blend sessions in those same spreadsheets, perhaps you are using the wrong approach?


The webinar is open to anyone who is looking to move out of spreadsheets and into a self service analytics platform.   We will cover a few real world examples of how other insurers have moved beyond the spreadsheet to experience a better world of analytics.


Be sure to register today --- I hope you can join us! 






12 - Quasar

Thank you for sharing this @KarenHays 


I am excited to attend this webinar!

8 - Asteroid

Hi Karen, it looks like a may have just missed this!


Will you be running another session or is there a recorded session? Is there also a way I can sign up to a newsletter will let me know of similar upcoming sessions?



Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Pete -

Sorry you missed the webinar, but we absolutely have a recording that you can access.  I'll be posting it in Community today now that the file is ready.   Please reach out with any questions once you are able to view.