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Demystifying Elastic Pricing - Thursday, June 25th @ 12:00 PM PST

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The Alteryx Community Transportation & Logistics Team invites you to join us for a very special event with Jorge Gonzalez from Swift Transportation ( @JORGE4900 ).



“Demystifying Elastic Pricing”


Come hear how you can use Alteryx advanced analytics to determine price elasticity and selecting pricing based on forecasted quantity demanded by comparing ETS & ARIMA models.


Jorge Gonzalez from Swift Transportation will show how to do this in Alteryx using a sample data set and share how it can apply to the transportation industry.


Thursday, June 25th @ 12:00-1:30 PM PST



Register here: "Demystifying Elastic Pricing" Registration


Thank you!


Alteryx Community Transportation Team:


@HeatherMHarris Alteryx ACE & Alteryx Innovator

Heather Harris, PK - Global Experience Firm
Practice Director – Intelligence & Analytics
@jmt214 Alteryx Innovator
John Thompson, Cargill
Senior Self-Service Analytics Coach
@otto Alteryx Innovator
Isaac Otto, Daimler Trucks of North AmericaConnected Vehicle Analytics Lead - Digital Vehicle Solutions
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I'm really looking forward to this meetup. It might be hosted by the transportation user group, but this content on pricing can apply to so many different functions and industries! If you're ever working around strategic pricing, bidding, sourcing, or cost estimation this is the place to be!

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Have you ever wondered which price will get you the best possible profit?


On this presentation, we will walk you through an example on how to generate a price list that should generate the best possible profit based on the information you feed it.


We will use a linear regression to predict these prices, but we will actually be predicting quantity demanded to figure it out.


Once we have our price list, we will attempt to compare and contrast ETS and ARIMA models to select the best model that would accurately forecast future demanded-quantity to allow you to know when to chance the price.


If you like this topic, we will share the workflow after the presentation on June 25th.


Hope to see you there!

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Hello @HeatherHarris Alteryx ACE & Alteryx Innovator Heather Harris, @jmt214 Alteryx Innovator John Thompson, and @otto Alteryx Innovator Isaac Otto.


Thanks for hosting me today and thanks to all who attended this presentation.


Here is the self-contained Alteryx workflow with step by step containers of the process and approach to generating a price list that best autoselects the best profit according to projected demanded quantities.