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Beyond COVID-19: How will 'Virtual Medicine' enable ‘Digital Patient Engagement'?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

New Patient Engagement Cover Photo.jpg


New BLOGPOST! COVID-19 and the resulting supply chain chaos & the financial crisis from the loss of elective procedures debilitating revenues and margins, is presenting unprecedented risks to the health and safety of caregivers, and has “DISRUPTED HEALTHCARE” in ways never seen before!


This "DISRUPTION" is driving a new ‘DIGITAL PATIENT ENGAGEMENT (DPE)’ model enabled by “VIRTUAL HEALTHCARE DELIVERY (VHD)”, which I have articulated in this Blogpost below:




* Does this ‘Digital Patient Engagement (DPE) enabled by Virtual Healthcare Delivery (VHD)’ model resonate with you?


* Will this 7 stage Digital Patient Engagement (DPE) framework inform your strategic, operational and innovation planning at your organization?


* Is your organization experiencing a sense of urgency in deploying a similar Virtual Healthcare Delivery model to improve Patient Outcomes while mitigating risk for your Caregivers?


As always, I welcome your comments and feedback here on this blogpost, and on Twitter at @HITstrategy.

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Thanks for sharing here @andyde 


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