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Are you balancing 'Supply Chain Disruption' with 'Business as Usual' in Healthcare?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

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For Healthcare Providers and Public Health, the outbreak of the pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges - from disrupted supply chains and the inability to adequately protect patients and healthcare personnel, to a massive shortage of capacity, personnel, drugs, devices, testing kits and supplies.


We would like to commence this opening session with a focus on the most critical Supply Chain Management (SCM) relevant issues confronting healthcare providers and public health agencies given the recent disruption.


Here are a mission-critical challenge / use case we would like to highlight and focus the conversation on your readiness to respond rapidly to the supply chain disruption, while balancing this with ‘business as usual’ as below:


ChallengeManage Supply Chain Disruption in the wake of the Pandemic and balance with “Business as Usual”


The COVID-19 Pandemic is presenting unprecedented and unforeseen challenges in terms of medical staff, equipment, protective attire, drugs and devices for Hospitals. Hospitals need to collaborate with entirely new suppliers and create new supply chains for ventilators, masks, Personal Protection Equipment (PPE), COVID-19 testing kits etc. while managing and balancing this with their existing supply chain to meet the needs of patients not afflicted by COVID-19.


As well, maverick (off-contract) buying is a huge challenge costing $ MM facing healthcare providers today, which will likely be exacerbated by the Pandemic. Leveraging self-service analytics to integrate data from the ERP, EMR and procurement and analyze these to pin-point maverick buying will save hospitals $ MM.


Strategic Readiness Questions:


  • How are you managing the process of identifying and securing new suppliers for ventilators, masks, testing kits, PPE, gloves etc. while managing your current supply chain?


  • Are you using your Group Purchasing Organization (GPO) to identify these suppliers or are you having to identify and manage these contracts yourself?


  • Are you using the supply chain planning capabilities of your ERP system (Lawson) or the planning and analytics services from your GPO or an outside contractor? Is this meeting your needs given the imperative to rapidly respond to the disruption?


  • Are you challenged with maverick / off-contract buying in your hospital or health system? Are you proactively monitoring and managing ”Maverick (off-contract) Buying” to minimize waste and maximize savings related to procurement?


Does this challenge and the questions below resonate with you, your organization and your leadership? Are there critical supply chain related challenges and issues we are missing here? What is keeping you awake at night at this time?


We would love to hear your thoughts and discuss how we can potentially help you from an AI, Data and Insights perspective on this forum.


Thanks and regards,



Andy Dé

Health-Science Strategy Blog I Twitter 

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@Lynsie-D@SGolnik @NPT and @esegovia as the leaders of the Healthcare User Group, it would be great to hear your thoughts on this topic. 


Many thanks,



User Group Coordinator



Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

We are kicking off the first of our 'Connect and Solve' webinars next Thursday at 10 AM PST/ 12 Noon CST/ 1 PM EST focused precisely on this very topic and will showcase a demo on Alteryx articulating how Alteryx can be leverage to accurately and reliably forecast demand for Drugs, Devices and Supplies and also understand their cost implications.


Please REGISTER for this webinar in advance using this link below:





Thursday, April 23, 2020
10 a.m. Pacific


With today’s changing landscapes, business needs are moving daily in healthcare. The recent pandemic is creating unprecedented challenges from disrupted supply chains: medical staff and training challenges, equipment and supply shortages, concerns around patient care standards and lack of protective attire for clinical staff. It’s now more important than ever to build a data strategy to address the changing need.


Register for our virtual, 30-minute event + learn:

  •          Why automating and solving healthcare supply chain disruptions are business-critical
  •          How to embrace agility, surface new data, and document your process
  •          What business value this use case can bring to your whole organization

You’ll discover a case study on how SCL Health automated their supply chain reporting with Alteryx to save over $100K. See how to improve your decision-making speed by altering your ability to prepare, blend, and analyze data, without writing any code or relying on IT.

Making a difference in your organization is within reach. Start solving today.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@NPT @SGolnik @Lynsie-D @esegovia this would be really great to share with the Healthcare User Group members! 

Chris Shernaman
Community Manager