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Welcome to the Alteryx Greater Indianapolis User Group! Use this group to build a community of Alteryx Users in the Greater Indianapolis area.

It is open to all who are already Alteryx users or want to explore the capabilities of Alteryx Advanced Analytics Platform. Ask questions, share ideas and best practices related to Alteryx.

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Jarrod Thuener, KristalyticsPatrick Digan, Medical Protective Dulton Moore, Medical ProtectiveKenda Barnes, Medical Protective

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Hi everyone!


1.  My name is Isaac Embree.  I work in the insurance industry.

2.  Just started, so about 3 days now, though I haven't used it much at all yet.  I'm eager to use it more and learn more about what it can do!

3.  I like that you can view the data input and output for every object in the dataflow without having to create a physical output file or database table.

4.  I want to learn more about the Fuzzy Match tool.  I've done some fuzzy matching work with another enterprise tool that we own, so I'm very curious to see how Alteryx's Fuzzy Match compares.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello Everyone.  I am the area enterprise account exec with Alteryx.  I am interested in learning more about user experiences and discussing/sharing use cases that might be helpful.


  1. What’s your name and what industry do you hail from?  Mazin Jaliwala with Alteryx,
  2. How long have you been using alteryx? One year.
  3. What Alteryx Tool/Feature do you like the most?  The new Prescriptive tool.
  4. What Alteryx Tool/Feature do you want to learn more about?  This would be good to know from others.


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1. Tim Allen, medical devices

2. 5 years 

3. Outputs to Tableau - MarketBaskets

4. better understanding of the predictive and prescriptive tools

8 - Asteroid

Hello all!


1. My name is Max Johnson and I work in the insurance industry

2. 3 days

3. I'm still too green to choose a favorite

4. Any tool that can be leverage for data cleansing and standardization

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Christopher Mazzoli - Insurance Industry

New to Alteryx

Know very little about this tool

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  1. Andy Corzine - Insurance
  2. Dabbled here and there for a couple years, but still consider myself a beginner
  3. Fuzzy match, user interface and features --- need to dig in more to learn about all that Alteryx can offer
  4. Interested in more automated features (coming from a VBA/event-driven, object oriented environment)
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Hello all! I look forward to being part of this group.


1. Jim Kunce and I work in the insurance industry.

2. I have one month of Alteryx experience 60 times over.

3. The infinitely complex things you can do with just the filter, group, join, union and formula tools.

4. Macros and automation

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1.  My name is Matt Morin and I work in the insurance industry.

2.  I have grossly underused Alteryx for years now.  Consequently, I am still a beginner by any measure.

3.  Please see my response to #2.

4.  I am interested in seeing how R integrates with Alteryx.

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1. My name is Paul Kisor and I work in the medical devices/diagnostice industry


2. I've been using Alteryx for 5.5 years


3. Macros, InDb tools


4. the Crew Runner macros

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1. Christine Fisher. The insurance industry.

2. 3 years

3. The power and ease of use - even the most basic tools transform large amounts of complex data quickly & easily.

4. I'd like to first get a deeper understanding of the tools I've been exposed to, then branch out into the more complex tools.