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Indy AUG 2019 Q1 ***meeting recap***

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Thanks to everyone who came out for our meeting! Here is a brief summary:


1) @jarrod  started the meeting out strong with an intro to API's. He demo'd the NASA API and Alteryx Gallery API. I've attached his deck and workflows. The biggest takeaway was to use Postman.


2) @patrick_digan led the group through Weekly challenge #122. People worked individually/in groups for 10 minutes to try and solve the problem.


The key was to use a recordID tool and a multi-row formula tool!

For a 1 tool solution, you can use @jdunkerley79's Formula Add On's to supercharge your formula tool with the VarNum function (among the many other useful functions he's created).


3) @DultonM@Kenda and @patrick_digan continued their tool category deep dive with the first installment of the preparation tools.


a) Dulton walked us through some of the finer points of the select tool. Key takeaways were the power of saving and loading field configurations and that the select tool can remove prefixes/suffixes that are part of multiple field names. The options menu has a lot of power!

b) Kenda showed some examples of the multi-row formula tool.  She showed how to fill down a field, fill up a field, as well as do a grouped-by recordID. I've attached her workflow.

c) Digan worked through some lesser known functions in the filter tool. You can use the startswith/endswith formulas in lieu of the more verbose left and right functions. I also showed the power of the IN/Not In functions. Then I demonstrated the 3 Boolean operators and their code counterparts. I've attached the workflow.

AND &&
OR ||

Thanks for the brownies @Kenda