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Indianapolis, IN

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2023 Q3 Indianapolis Alteryx User Group - Recap

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Thanks to all those who attended the latest Indy Alteryx User Group meeting!


We started off with the one and only @JoshuaB (Alteryx Chief Evangelist) presenting the latest Alteryx updates, including some neat features that are coming in the future. While Alteryx continues to make big updates to Designer/Server (Control Containers for example), he also demo'd some of the newer alteryx products (see Designer Cloud and Auto Insights). He pointed out it's important that users continue to collaborate on the Ideas board and keep the feedback coming.


@Desmond then walked us through his Weekly Challenge Submission. He used a kaggle dataset to determine if NFL teams were focusing more on the pass in more recent years. We've attached his workflow (and solution) here. Go ahead and try your hand at solving it! 


We encourage everyone to try the weekly challenge on October 23rd when our very own @Kenda will have her weekly challenge drop. Be sure to respond in the first 7 days! 

That's a wrap! We would love for our next meeting to be in person. If you would like to host the next meeting in the Indy area, reach out to us and let us know.