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2023 Q1 Indianapolis Alteryx User Group Meeting Recap

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Thanks to everyone who stuck with us through our technical difficulties for our first meeting of the year! It was our first time using Zoom, so hopefully going forward, it will be much smoother.


For those who weren't able to attend the event live, here is a recap:

  • We had a great discussion on Alteryx and documentation. Topics we discussed include
    • What motivates us to document
    • What are best practices when it comes to documentation
    • How to provide documentation for someone who isn't tech savvy or doesn't know Alteryx very well
    • Documenting inline vs using annotations vs comment boxes
  • Color-coding was a big item that came up again and again
  • To watch the original hour long webinar I participated in all about "vacation proofing your workflows" and tips on documentation, here is the link: 
    • This webpage includes even more awesome resources, if you're interested in checking those out


  • @Desmond walked us through a workflow about how he approached predicting March Madness outcomes better than simply using team rankings. The workflow is attached, so download it and see if you can top him!



Resources mentioned in the meeting:


Here is the recording:


Thanks everyone😊

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

As a reminder, we'd love to hear from you and get any sort of feedback you have on this user group! We want to make this worthwhile for everyone and provide fun, educational meetings. If you could fill out the UG meeting survey to share your thoughts, we'd appreciate it. 

In particular, we're interested in what you do/don't like about the meetings, what topics you'd be interested in hearing about in the future, and if you'd be willing to speak at a meeting sometime. The link has been provided below for easy access:



8 - Asteroid

@Kenda ; @patrick_digan ; @Desmond 


Thanks for the great tips during the meeting!  I just started using the connection settings type - straight lines and the Default Canvas settings - snap tools grid in the user settings and noticed a big difference in being able to trace the lines in my workflows.


Looking forward to the next user meeting!

8 - Asteroid

@Jon-Knepper Glad to hear you were able to apply something from the meeting that makes life easier.  That is one of the great things about these meetings. When I started attending shortly after I got my Designer license I would always pick up a nugget here and there that I had not thought of or had not seen elsewhere.  I never know what that might be but I always learn something new.  Thanks for attending the meeting and giving the feedback!