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What is your current industry?

9 - Comet

Hi Everyone!


What is your current industry? Do you think that you will use your new skills for that industry, or do you think you will use this as more of a hobby? How do you plan on using your new skills? 


I plan on making Data Science a career! Fingers crossed!



16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @Leeia_I ,


Very good questions and very nice to start this kind of conversation ! 🙂


Do you know in which industry you want to apply Data Science ? Or you prefer not to restrain yourself to only one industry ?





9 - Comet



I'm still not sure about that although I'm slightly partial to tech companies because I'm most familiar and comfortable with them. 

7 - Meteor

My previous career involved me being in Audit for an accounting firm. I feel like in this data driven world data analysis is key so that's a major reason I am here. 

7 - Meteor

I bet this stuff is very popular in the tax and especially audit side of things.  

8 - Asteroid



I'm in the banking sector (specifically Investment Banking and Asset management)...I'm a Business analyst and have done many data requirement analysis (mainly regulatory reports) and then pass it on to a developer.


NOW....I can do the analysis and develop it! 2 for the price 1! That's my selling point! 


I'm hoping Alteryx takes off in UK! Alteryx is still growing here...They need to put a massive Alteryx poster in Canary Wharf! lol





fyi My Alteryx story....I came across Alteryx at Northern Trust...within a day I connected to an API and downloaded a JSON file, converted it to tabular form in less than a day....this was from zero knowledge! I was sold on Alteryx ever since!


Alteryx resources is amazing!