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Summer Camp Session - Not Your Standard TPS Reports - Follow-Up Discussion Thread

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Hey All!


I had a great time showing you around the reporting tools yesterday (June 16th)! Here are some notes and takeaways from the presentation:
1) Alteryx (through the use of reporting tools) can save hundreds or even thousands of hours.
2) Static reporting is great for emails, alerts, updates and mapping
3) Keep that meta data by copying 2 tools at the same time - make sure to reconnect the input before clicking on the tool.
4) Unknown/Dynamic fields are a quick and easy way to apply formatting to multiple fields
5) Draw attention to cells in a table by using conditional formatting.
6) Use the overlay tool for more advanced layout options (like a legend in the corner of the map)
7) Email is a common way to distribute scheduled reporting. Use the attachment option to send the report file along with the email.


We had some great questions, so thank you for those! If anyone would like to discuss further, post below, in the designer discussion section (left navigation pane) or message me directly (@Jarrod) and i'd be happy to help!


Attached are the materials covered in the presentation.


Have a great week!

Jarrod Thuener

8 - Asteroid

Thank you for holding the session. I learn a lot about reporting through your presentation. It is indeed a nice walkthrough from a real expert reporting tool user.

ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus

Glad you liked it. Reporting tools are very powerful!