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Hi Team,


I got career changers license and completed my "Alteryx Designer Core Certification". Thanks a lot to Alteryx team for providing the learning path and the necessary sources 


Now I would like to explore about Alteryx server components and their functions.For this I tried to subscribe at below URL





At the end I got the message that "Email Confirmation Code" was sent to my mail.But I didn't any mail which contains the code.Could any one suggest is the above URL allowed for free Sign In and how can I get the confirmation code.


Amazing, @Ravi_KM! Congratulations!  We'd love to capture your story if you're up for it - and would love for you to share with your network that you've passed Core Certification if you haven't already.


I'm not sure about that Error Message, but @DanM might!

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Thanks you Amais...Sure ..let me wait for @DanM reply  :-)

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi Ravi, I'd love to write up a blog about your experience as a 'career changer' - would you be interested?  Warmly, Jen MIller, SparkED Marketing

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Sure ...will share the details soon..