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Mentioned Alteryx ADAPT in my interview

8 - Asteroid

Hello ADAPTers!


While browsing the Community during the 7-day waiting period for my next Core exam attempt, I saw @liendang's interview experiences, so I thought I'd share mine.


Recently, I was doing my final interviews with a big data company, where the role was to help build their next-gen data/AI platform. Most of the technical questions were focused on data platforms, so I didn't have any issues answering them. 


And then, out of nowhere, the interviewer threw out an open-ended case study for me to design a data API. This took me by surprise, but I was able to talk through it and demonstrate my thought process. Along the way, he poked a few holes and challenged a few ideas - typical in design interviews. 


Near the end, he asked me, "What would you do if the team gets stuck?"


That's when I brought up the fact that I'm doing the Alteryx ADAPT program. I told him that I would fire up my Designer and try to do the data wrangling myself. When he heard that, he was impressed by my response because 1) I'm a hands-on product manager who isn't afraid to roll up my sleeves and 2) I'm learning new skills during my job search instead of watching Netflix all day. The rest of the interviews went smoothly after that.


When I started ADAPT 3 weeks ago, I wasn't talking to this company, nor was I looking for an Alteryx job. I just followed someone's certificate on LinkedIn because I thought ADAPT was an interesting program and wanted to learn more about Alteryx (and data science in general). By doing so, it gave me the chance to keep my mind in the "data" zone and a good example during my interview.

I ended up getting the job offer and will start in a few weeks. However, I still intend to finish this program and learn about the Predictive Analytics capabilities of Alteryx.


I am a big proponent of keeping your skills updated and always be learning.


If you're in LA/Orange County and would like to connect, please find my LinkedIn in my profile.

Best of luck to all the learners out there. 

6 - Meteoroid

That's so awesome, congratulations!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

@rogshih this is such a great story, thank you for sharing!! Congratz on your new gig : )

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

What a great story - thanks for sharing @rogshih and congrats on the new job!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Wow, this is awesome and full of motivation. Congratulation.

13 - Pulsar
13 - Pulsar

That is a great story! Kudos for continuing to learn and keep your skills up! Good luck with the new role and also with finishing the ADAPT program!