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Joined ADAPT few weeks ago, seeing the results now

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Dear all,


I know, if you seeing this message, that you already started your ADAPT program but I would love to share something that I felt today when I ran a workflow that I created as a solution to a business question as part of Udacity's predictive analytics nanodegree.

One of the best things in learning is watching your skills growing and your hard work paying off. When I joined ADAPT program I had an input and browse tool only in my very first workflow, but today I was able to build a workflow to predict sales and help making a business decision on where to open next store. I know compared to other workflows in real world this still look basic, but it's a step into the future.

So if you just starting, please continue get certified and utilize the nanodegree allowance from Alteryx to earn skills that metter. It totally worth it.




Enjoy learning.




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Congratulations @AliAS2020 . This is amazing !! Keep us posted when you attempt the Advanced certification.

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@dikshide I will do for sure.