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Welcome Career Changers participants!  We're excited for you to start your journey with Alteryx, and would love to ask you one question before you get started.


What are you hoping to ultimately attain by participating in the ADAPT program? Is it to add a new skill to your professional toolkit, to jump start a new career path, or something else entirely?


Thinking about this before you start is a great way to keep your focus as you work through the tasks contained in the program. Each of you will have a different goal, but everyone will be working through this together; so share your thoughts in the thread below!


**Just a note! You’ll see reference to our “ADAPT” program in thread. The ADAPT program was an initial COVID-response to help upskill those who had recently lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Because of the success of that program, it has evolved into our new Career Changer program – open to anyone looking to upskill themselves with data analytics through Alteryx.




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We're so happy you're here, @rockyw9!  Can't wait to follow you along on your journey.  If anyone has any insights, tips or tricks for him as he's getting started, please don't hesitate to share!

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I would like to thank Alteryx , for giving me this opportunity as part of the ADAPT program. I am looking forward to refining my skills in order to help better define my career goals.

My ultimate goal is to reposition my career into the global learning sphere focused on big data. By participating in the ADAPT Program, I hope to experience the insights of other Alteryx learners, community members, and every day users. 

I look forward to exploring this path and learning where it leads for each of us. Thank you Alteryx!

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I will like to upskill my skills in data analytics with Alteryx and possibly change my careers eventually, which is my ultimate goal. Thank you.

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I am trying to get into the vast world of Data Analytics. Learning Alteryx will help me to take one more step into this industry. Looking forward to completing the core certification and going forward to a job that helps me to learn and understand how the organisations use Alteryx in their day to day activities and derive meaningful insights through vast amount of data.

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Dear Alteryx Team,


I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for this amazing program of ADAPT/ SparkED. I had enrolled in this program a few months ago. By the help of the amazing community mentors and an excellent learning path I have been able to learn this amazing software.

Thankyou for the extended licenses. I could clear my core and advance certification. Very importantly, I want to share my joy with you by informing you that I have been selected in a reputed organization as a Technology Analyst in Alteryx and have joined the organization this week.

This is a huge step for me to pace into the world of  Data Science. Will continue my learning journey in Alteryx.


Many many thanks to the entire Alteryx Team



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I would like to obtain a training license to improve so I could work on my skills.


How can I go about doing that?



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I used Ateryx in my previous job over two years ago now and took the certification test, almost passed. I want to get certified and brush up on my skills before possibly starting a new job in January for 6 months work to hire which will be using Alteryx, so I want to be ready. I only answer job postings that want someone who knows Alteryx because I enjoyed what I could do with Alteryx.

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Thank you ADAPT team for this program. Thank you even more for giving it to me for free! During this period I hope to improve my knowledge of data and data analytics; to upskill myself such that it complements me in my career and I'd have more things to offer on my next job.

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Firstly, Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to learn using Alteryx. As my professional career is in BI Analytics, I do work with multiple tools like Tableau, SSIS, Alteryx etc. As per my experience, Alteryx is by far the best tool I have ever worked upon in terms of speed, ability to handle large volume of data etc. Hence my goal is to be in touch with Alteryx tool through out my career and spread the awareness about the same so that more and more companies can adapt it.
I would also like to give couple of suggestion to Alteryx Community as below.
1.  Can we get Weekly emails about various 'Alteryx tips and tricks' or 'Alteryx Hacks' which are helpful in our day to day analysis. These also can be good practices in Alteryx that everyone should follow.
2. If you can provide access to virtual Alteryx server for users like us then it would be really great as we would get hands on from Alteryx Server side as well. These can be basic virtual servers with minimal configuration and size limit, just to provide hands on experience on Alteryx Server.

I hope this reach out to the Alteryx Community and they do something about it.


Thanks so much for this feedback, @sanket_kini! We are so happy that you you found value in our Career Changer program and that you're well on your way to leveraging Alteryx in your career path.


We love the idea about tips/tricks and are looking to incorporate that into generalized communication with our users through this Community space. Is there something specific you'd like to learn more about?


I've also passed along your thoughts about Server to our team - we will update you if there are any changes.


All the best!