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Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Welcome Career Changers participants!  We're excited for you to start your journey with Alteryx, and would love to ask you one question before you get started.


What are you hoping to ultimately attain by participating in the ADAPT program? Is it to add a new skill to your professional toolkit, to jump start a new career path, or something else entirely?


Thinking about this before you start is a great way to keep your focus as you work through the tasks contained in the program. Each of you will have a different goal, but everyone will be working through this together; so share your thoughts in the thread below!


**Just a note! You’ll see reference to our “ADAPT” program in thread. The ADAPT program was an initial COVID-response to help upskill those who had recently lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Because of the success of that program, it has evolved into our new Career Changer program – open to anyone looking to upskill themselves with data analytics through Alteryx.




Will Machin
Community Management Team Lead
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5 - Atom

Nothing specific but basically the 'Alteryx tips/tricks' should cover general tips which usually users miss out. Like for eg. in summarize tool there is also option of concatenating the string along with grouping capabilities.


So such shortcuts or will give users insights on the tools capabilities and at the same time it will be informative as well.

7 - Meteor

To embark on a new career in data analytics, data science helping clients to understand Big Data. So many data are produced every minute in the world, am really courious to have the tools to understand these, connect the dots and draw conclusions for future trends. Can't wait to get to know new things, and learn more IT.

5 - Atom

As someone that has used data extensively in the Tax world for 25 years, I am looking to take my data research skills to the next level during a time of job change.  Data analytics will be critical for this type of work in the future.

5 - Atom

I want to upskill.  Have been a PA/Administrator/Office Manger all my life and see so many possibilities for automation 


So great to have you here, @SharonJ!  Let us know if there is anything you need as you work towards your goals!

5 - Atom

Let me introduce myself


Greetings from Greece!
I’m… Periklis (can’t get any Greek-er)
...but please let's optimise it to Peri 
Joined the community 2 weeks ago; being busy I’ve been organising my notes, thoughts and flows. Apart from finding my way around, made sure I would spot the MGVP (most of the times there is one already present).
In our case the Most Valuable Greek Person I spotted is @AngelosPachis
Amazed, inspired and proud of this track record.
Angelos, sorry for stalking, nothing to worry about
Not interested in kidneys or whatsoever.
The learning is what I’m looking for (then I’ll let you go)
So that’s my compass.
I would like to note that a notable highlight of the Alteryx Community is the Alteryx Community.
An outside observer would think “they do analytics” and think “such a boring topic” Only because they can’t distinguish Analytics from Accounting (which is boring indeed.., whereas Management Accounting is Solving!)
Back to the Alteryx Community.
I can’t think of any other community that has attracted so many bright nerds hooked to the Adrenaline of Solvin.
And it’s not the numbers nor the brains.
It’s the vibration in the network caused by the excitement everyone is exhibiting …because we all f’ing love this game; …because doing work is no different than hitting the playground Fantastic.
And while I was getting ready to come out of the shadows, thought let’s watch the “Analytics for All” video and go ahead.
And there it was the most telling element of all that looks like that’s my tribe.
The music on the video.
Dry the Rain from “The Beta Band”
A gloomy start, an unsolvable dead-end;
yet, the hero, having the right mindset and approach managed to Solve
So Let’s!

Short Term Goal: Get SparkEd done and,
Mid 0.1: enter the Educator Track
Mid 0.2Preach Alteryx to local enterpreneurial youth groups

Long Term: Stay healthy & sane

5 - Atom

Hi, I am hoping to add Alteryx to my current skill set. I find the tool very fascinating and I am excited to dive into this journey.