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Welcome Career Changers participants!  We're excited for you to start your journey with Alteryx, and would love to ask you one question before you get started.


What are you hoping to ultimately attain by participating in the ADAPT program? Is it to add a new skill to your professional toolkit, to jump start a new career path, or something else entirely?


Thinking about this before you start is a great way to keep your focus as you work through the tasks contained in the program. Each of you will have a different goal, but everyone will be working through this together; so share your thoughts in the thread below!


**Just a note! You’ll see reference to our “ADAPT” program in thread. The ADAPT program was an initial COVID-response to help upskill those who had recently lost their jobs due to the pandemic. Because of the success of that program, it has evolved into our new Career Changer program – open to anyone looking to upskill themselves with data analytics through Alteryx.




Will Machin
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My background is as a research scientist and informal science educator. Collecting, wrangling and analyzing data at different levels has been an important aspect of my career. My goal is to refine that experience and make it applicable within a business setting while gaining credentials and applicable experience.I hope that this provides additional experience to pivot my career. Also learning technologies currently in use in businesses (such as Alteryx) would provide an edge in my knowledge toolkit. Look forward to the challenges!


@lmalbertorio Thank you for sharing! I am excited for you, and we are here to cheer you on along the way! If any questions come up, don't hesitate to post them on our AFG Discussion board! 


Lori Misenhimer 

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My ultimate goal is to reposition my career into the global learning sphere focused on big data. By participating in the ADAPT Program, I hope to experience the insights of other Alteryx learners, community members, and every day users. Thus far, my favorite page is the Excellence Awards. The stories give life to a totally new way of thinking about work and world possibilities. I love learning how Alteryx thinks, and even more, learning how people use it.


In many ways it is like walking in a subject matter expert's brain to learn how they process information to do what they do.  As I watch Alteryx brilliantly do in seconds what took me hours, I am amazed. Being able to have the power within this tool at my fingertips is exciting!


I look forward to exploring this path and learning where it leads for each of us. Thank you Alteryx!





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I am super excited to participate in the ADAPT program because it will provide an opportunity for me to build upon a skill set that I started sometime ago.  I will also be able to collaborate with other like minded individuals as we proceed through this very rich educational journey.  This program will definitely lead me to a whole new and exciting career path.

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Hi everyone,


I would like to thank Alteryx , for giving me this opportunity as part of the ADAPT program. I am looking forward to refining my skills in order to help better define my career goals.


I am hoping to connect and collaborate with the brightest minds and to learn and explore from the best! This will also give me a chance to network and meet with people in Toronto.


I am excited to take part in the weekly challenges and expanding my skills while using the course to expand my knowledge and understanding in this space


Looking forward to connecting with you all

Rohit Govind

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I'm hoping to advance my knowledge so i can become a better team player.  I hope to use this program to expand my abilities to find different avenues of employment.


So awesome, @Zanna! The entire Alteryx Community is here to cheer you on. We're excited to follow along on your ADAPT journey - and please share where this journey takes you.


Is there anything in particular you are looking to solve? 


Have fun! 

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Hi @Rohit_G13!


We're excited to have you.  Toronto's best and brightest are excited to connect with you too.  Have you had a chance to check out our Toronto User Group


Please keep us posted on where this journey takes you.

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Space X is on a mission to land on Mars the name of the Rovers are "Spirit" and "Opportunity" both designed to examine more territory, collect data, facts, videos, and pictures. 


In a similar manner, I have my own personal mission "Knowledge" alteryx is the rover that will provide the opportunity to launch my career and skills in a new direction. It will help me achieve my personal goals perhaps in the field of Airline/Transportation Revenue Management. I am extremely curious of how and why things work if I was in a pilot's cockpit I would touch every button.


My current status is furloughed alteryx will change that!