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How did you find your way into data + analytics?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

It's always fascinating to learn how our community members find their way into the world of analytics. I myself, didn't know much about it before starting at Alteryx over 3 years ago. In that time, I've discovered a whole new world of possibilities. Earlier this year, I challenged myself to go through the Core certification program and after failing five times, finally crossed the finish line. Getting the certificate was one thing, but what I find even more rewarding is the new found knowledge I've gained to answer questions with data that I never thought I was smart enough to do on my own.


I shared a bit of my own journey, and would love to hear from you! Reply to this thread to share your story.


How did you find your way into data & analytics? And/or how has data + analytics positively impacted your life?

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Much like you, the power of community brought me into data science! I'm constantly amazed at all the things Alteryx can do, and it's really cool to see how @DanM and @MattD use it for a variety of community automations, tasks, and metrics.


Senior Manager, Community Platform + Operations at Alteryx


7 - Meteor

been there almost my whole life. However not as structured as I find (starting to) working with Alteryx.


Looking forward to get certified. Lots of time at hand right now.



6 - Meteoroid

All the time, particularly history I've always been curious searching for new knowledge collecting facts/stories from different avenues YouTube, Netflix documentaries, audibles, mobile apps, social conversation. At some point, it all connects like the game connect four.


How I ended up in Alteryx? I'll blame cookies from my phone suggesting good reads based on my interest and preference. It all started by mentions on Motley Fool & Morning Brew daily articles. Now it feels like I am playing with Rubik, so nooo it's not a toy from the past.  


History, data, research, analyze. It's a great mix for pancakes. 


I'm a better listener than a talker, unless there is wine.

9 - Comet

Hi @LeahK !


It has been a gradual journey for me. In a nutshell, COVID-19 is what helped me put 2 and 2 together. I have been in the tech industry for many years, and I am on the path to becoming a Software Developer. I could not figure out which path within development I should take. In my free time, I spend a lot of time reading over data and trying to make sense of it in my mind. I found myself spending 4-5 hours per day looking at COVID-19 data along with doing my software development homework, and that's when it clicked! 

9 - Comet

2011 - Fresh out of college with a Bachelors in Electronics & Communication Engineering. No idea what I want to do - Went for the first job I got - one of the Biggest IT companies in India. Got trained for 4 months & decided to become a Microsoft Trainer (instead of the usual track of a software developer). Loved that & then eventually moved to a software developer role. Liked certain aspects of it, wanted a change & got an analyst/developer role with one of the top Financial companies. So much Insurance data being processed every single day with so many inefficiencies. There I realized my "Call of Data".


Left a great job, my settled life & my country. Moved 8000 miles to the States to get my masters in the data field (it's not fun to go from earning to paying college tuition again).

Got my first job in US as a data analyst. Started feeling this is where I belong. Couple of months in the job & I discovered Alteryx. And since then it has been the Best 3 years of my professional life.


In 2011 I would have never thought/guessed this is what I will be doing.  I guess I had to just move thousands of miles to find my 3 soulmates - data, analytics & alteryx.