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Data Feed for the Community

Would love to be able to get a history of events on the community for analysis.


While possible using web shredding would be nice to have 'official' data source Smiley Happy

Sr. Community Manager
Sr. Community Manager
Status changed to: Under Review

Happy friday @jdunkerley79 and thanks for your suggestion! We're considering making data available at some point in the future for a special event. We want to be very careful and take the time to review what we open up to the public due to privacy concerns. In the meantime, we frequently share a number of historical metrics via the Alteryx Community News blog which might be interesting.

We'll keep you updated on how this idea progresses!


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Provide data files in the monthly "Top Contributors" posts, or on the Leaderboards


Currently there is a set of Community Blogs which include information about the "top performers" on the community page in a few categories, which I think is really cool.

We also have publicly available user stats and leaderboards which provide a "real-time" snapshot of this information.

I think it would be really cool to have some way to download this data.  Currently using information that is available I can easily find out how many posts I make per day (.1) or how many stars I receive a day (.05) and compare that to other users, but in order to get that data currently I either have to click into a couple different pages and do some data entry, or try and scrape/parse the web content myself.

This seems like a fun, community-driven dataset, and I'm sure there are some cool things that the community could build with it.


Hey all


@jdunkerley79@LordNeilLord and I were having a discussion about the community - we've each found or own way to pull interesting data from the community through scraping pages (e.g. we were discussing with the community team that there is a very interesting shape in the user ranks data, and user attrition stats).


Any possibility that we could make this available as a data feed or a web-service to make it easier for folks who want to scrape the data (similar to one of the demos done on-stage at Inspire in Ldn?)


Things that I'd be curious to see as a web service

- user data (just the publically available data that you can see on the site)

- posts (to create a work queue for myself)


Thanks all


Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Not Planned

While we absolutely will consider leveraging community data for contests in the future (Great feedback @Claje!), we do not currently have plans to publicize community data via a  data feedweb-service, or otherwise.


Perhaps we can figure out an interesting and fun weekly challenge using data from community?!