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Ability to change the e-mail address associated with Community



I am taking a new position with a different company and therefore will have a new email. I would like to have the access to all of the posts and knowledge accociated with my current postition's e-mail. However, at this point, the only way to associate with a new e-mail is to create a new community account. This means I will lose all the inertia associated with my old account-- what a bummer! 






I'm going to add more than my 2 cents here.


I'm really on the fence as to whether community IDs should be associated with an INDIVIDUAL or with an EMAIL address, and here's why:


People change jobs. I changed jobs, and it created quite the conundrum with my Alteryx community profile. That's why my signature says "Trust me, I'm really a Bolide" LOL.


It was at that point I chose to change my profile to use an email address that is MINE not my job's.


But there are down sides - it's harder for people to know where I work, it's inconvenient to manage community subscriptions (I'd far rather have them coming to my work inbox than looking like I'm playing on my phone), etc.


And then you toss in the whole profile being tied to a license stuff... ugh.


This falls under the same umbrella as almost all my Alteryx ideas: MAKE.IT.EASIER. Thanks ;-)




Would it help to allow more than one email address per user, one personal, one business?


I could register on the community with my personal email address, which allows me to keep my ranking and badges if I move to a different company.


If I change jobs, I could just change my business email which would hopefully take care of the licensing issues.


Right now I'm registered on the Community with my personal email address, so I don't have access to the online support portal.


Allowing me to add my business email to my profile could also grant me access to the support portal, under my company's license.



Hi, I second @ChrisTX 

Ultimately the account should be correctly linked to the person behind it.

In Asia, the work email address is sometimes linked to the title e.g. is not an uncommon sight. 

So the ability to link both to the personal email and the work email is indeed attractive and echo Alteryx's MAKE.THINGS.EASIER philosophy.