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Utilize CMS Data as Benchmarks for Physician

8 - Asteroid

Hello everyone,


I wrote my first Alteryx blog on how to use the CMS Professional Fee Data as Benchmarks for Physician Office Visits.  You can check out my step by step blog on my website


Thanks Nicole Lohr

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Thank you @Nicole_L 


This is a fantastic read! @SGolnik @NPT @esegovia and @Lynsie-D Nicole's latest post about the yearly physicians utilization and payment data would be great to discuss on the user group page! What are other people using this data source for and how it is impacting their organization? Just a thought... 🙂




Chris Shernaman
Community Manager
11 - Bolide

Great blog Nicole! We use data like this for a price comparison tool for the Blue Cross of NC members to aid members with high deductible health plans and encourage them to "shop around". An example is that an MRI at a hospital could cost more than $1500 but that same MRI in an office setting might only cost $600. Individuals understanding the costs ahead of time is integral in our health care system, no only so the patient can plan accordingly, but to overall drive providers to find new ways to lower their costs to stay competitive.


Thank you so much for sharing!!!