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Welcome to the Alteryx Healthcare User Group!

The healthcare industry has been undergoing significant changes for decades. A combination of factors have, however, accelerated the pace of change. With change has come a flood of data and increasing expectations from decision makers. Alteryx helps healthcare companies improve their speed of decision making by providing data analysts and line-of-business users the ability to prepare, blend, and analyze data themselves, without writing any code and without any IT dependence or delay.

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Patient ID module


Hi fellow healthcare Alteryx users! I was wondering if anyone else has been tackling the creation of a master patient index with Alteryx. I've built a module using fuzzy matching that considers name, birthday, ZIP, sex and SSN to try to match people across claims records. But I was curious what other people have done, if anyone else has tried this with Alteryx? Thanks!

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hi AliKat,

Have you skimmed thru the slides from Inspire17 from MedPro Group on Self-Service Fuzzy Match their innovation on the Fuzzy Match tool they call "Fuzzy Match Master"?  Look at the permutation of field order to improve match key score is Brillant! Get Geeky!



Gallery Macro:!app/Fuzzy-Match-Master/5936fb73effc2a0b7cc60818




This is a very cool macro! I watched the whole video and read all the slides. however, when I try to use the macro, literally nothing comes out. I get zero records coming out. I know there are matches in my data, because i get matches when I use just one fuzzy matching tool. Any suggestions about how to use the macro correctly...?