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Welcome to the Alteryx Healthcare User Group!

The healthcare industry has been undergoing significant changes for decades. A combination of factors have, however, accelerated the pace of change. With change has come a flood of data and increasing expectations from decision makers. Alteryx helps healthcare companies improve their speed of decision making by providing data analysts and line-of-business users the ability to prepare, blend, and analyze data themselves, without writing any code and without any IT dependence or delay.

User Group Leaders:

Lynsie DaleyNathan TaylorJR SegoviaSarah Golnik

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November 2017 Meeting Topics and Suggestions


Hi there Healthcare User Group!


We are seeking topic ideas, content suggestions, and presenters for the November Healthcare User Group meeting.  Based on feedback we received (and to prime the pump of ideas), we heard interest in:


  1. User Stories
  2. Tips and Tricks
  3. Predictive Analytics
  4. Prescriptive Analytics


Of course, other ideas are welcome.


We also need presenters of content.  Have no fear, the majority of us are in the Beginner -> Intermediate range of skill, so we are confident that your topic will be valuable to the group.


Please reply with suggestions for topics and, especially, if you have content you would like to present.


All the best,


~ Nathan



ACE Emeritus
ACE Emeritus
I'd be interested in anyone's plans re the switch from Ss# to MBI next year.

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@thizviz aka cbridges, Bolide

That's a great idea, I'd be interested in that topic as well.


~ Nathan

Alteryx Partner

I come across a lot of issues on data security, some misunderstandings on fuzzification, encryption etc, and even leakages sometimes when we are talking about healthcare analytics...


I would suggest methods on data security and encryption;

here is a relevant idea I've raised lately...



Hi @Atabarezz,


I reviewed your post and it looks like a legitimate to me.  Would you be willing to walk through some use cases at a future User Group meeting?


~ Nathan

Alteryx Partner

Would love to attend and present, when is the date? I'm in Istanbul,

I can do a remote connection and send some slides and examples...


Our next meeting is scheduled for November 16th at 10 AM CST (I believe that's 15:00 UTC).  Go ahead and message me your slide examples for review.




~ Nathan